― REMOW Co., Ltd. Established a Korean Subsidiary ― Started Simulcast of TV Animation “My Tiny Senpai” in Korea

REMOW Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akira Ishii, hereinafter “REMOW,”) which handles the global distribution of Japanese content, is pleased to announce that we have established a Korean subsidiary as follows.


Through this Korean subsidiary, we have started a simulcast of TV animation “My Tiny Senpai” in Korea this July.


  1. Subsidiary Overview

(1) Company Name:          REMOW KOREA Co.,Ltd.

(2) Establishment:              July 2023

(3) Address:                      Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

(4) CEO:                               Akira Ishii

(5) Capital:                           200 million won

(6) Shareholders:                REMOW Co., Ltd. 75%, COCCS Inc. 25%

(7) Businesses:                    Production and distribution of content

Marketing and promotion of content

Localization and translation of content

Production and distribution of live-action content and other secondary content

Merchandising and sale of content-related products

Businesses related to the above


  1. Reason for establishment of subsidiary

We established this subsidiary to leverage the knowledge and network of the Korean content business of COCCS, our joint company partner, and to develop a fast and efficient distribution business in Korea.