The World REMOW Aims to Create



Japanese Entertainment Cannot Be Confined to Japan

Social development and advances in information technology have broken down barriers between countries.

In the world of entertainment, global services have sprung up one after another, and local productions are now being viewed all around the world.

To what extent has entertainment produced by Japan reached the people of the world?
How much do people around the world know about Japanese entertainment?

We hear more and more about Japanese productions being viewed around the world.
However, the number of platforms on which Japanese titles can be viewed is limited.
The truth is that many users all around the world are viewing pirated copies rather than using legitimate platforms.

Japanese entertainment is an expression of our culture and our identity, and we want to deliver this entertainment culture to the people of the world along with "the identity of our thoughts and feelings".

We also want to connect all the creators who support and elevate Japanese entertainment culture with people around the world.

We want to create a world in which Japanese entertainment culture can be properly spread throughout the world and go from being "known by those in the know" to being known by everyone.

We aim to achieve this goal, through new media that links Japan to the world.